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lucidpsychogod's Journal

31 October
Musician, Artist, Employee On Occassion, Reader, I Call Women -Broads- And -Dames-

yeah, i'm updating the thing that should not be

i'm a nice person, i'm only tired of the stress!!!!!

you there! stop your campaign of telepathic voices telling me what to do!

it's almost logical! and i commend thee on thine famously awesome temperament

and argumentative skills

and don't forget, you weren't wrong, you were following orders!

and if i ever get in a rut like that? i'm gonna think about that little quote!

i used to worship satan until i realized that God is all powerful and thus the power of satan is merely only as god's puppet

however, that doesn't mean that i overly -like- god

and i'm not a big fan of jesus/yhwh, a fan, yeah

but only as krshn in demigod form

the older i get, the more god


fuck this

hail satan i like heavy metal
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