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How Jews killed Odessa Russes (Slavs) on May 2:
pandoraopen . ru/2014-05-06/kak-ubivali-odessitov-v-dome-profsoyuzov-detali-scenariya-18-2/
Attention! Rebirth of Fascism. U.S. warmongers along with EU/NATO politicians have installed (through violent, artificial revolution) a pro-fascist government in Ukraine and are now trying to start a civil war within the country. Let's stop the satanic Jews together! The 5th column in Russia are ALL JEWS: vitrenko-sev . at . ua/_nw/32/s60142819 . jpg
Do you know that Austria and Bismark were the main figures to create the so called Ukraine?
Jews create informational barriers between countries.
The primary language of the white race was Russian.
The ancient name of Germany was Prussia.
Prussia = polu + Russia = half Russia
Jews' main aim is to destroy the Russian language which still has links to the Light forces.
The main ancient God of ancient Egypt was Ra.
Russia = Ra Shines
in Russian before Jews' invasion Russia was written as Rasiya not Rossiya like today
and gives the same Rasiya = Ra Siyayet (shines)
There were too cults: the cult of the sun (our cult of light forces) and the cult of moon (the cult of dark forces which was in Dravidia (ancient India). Jews were genetically created as a mix of the black race (Dravids) and the white race by the whites with supernatural abilities who tried to improve the genes of the black race but they lacked time to finish the experimental modification of the bad genes into good ones.
Dravids and Nags who living in Dravidia were worshiping to Kali-Ma antigoddess (the black mother).
Aryans did two invasions trying to stop Dravids and Nags who were bringing human sacrifices to Kali-ma. Both invasions were about 4050 and 3980 years ago with 70 years between them. Both Torah and ancient Egypt legends prove all this.
The so called Eden (paradise) was in India (Dravidia) and it was found. After the second Aryan invasion into Dravidia the black priest women who served in the cult of Kali-Ma migrated with the so called gray race (Jews) to Egypt. The migration lasted for 300 years and they finally occupied the Egypt which is proven by Torah and one part of them moved to the so called Kush land (the present-day Ethiopia). That Kush land became the second Paradise and in that new Paradise Jews got new contact with Dark Forces and were given Judaism religion and began to call themselves "God's nation". They returned to Egypt from Kush land and spread Judaism among the rest of the gray race excluding some parts of semites who were later given Islam.
Jews belong to the moon cult while we belong to the sun cult. They worship dark forces and make bloody sacrifices of Aryan children to their antigod. The blood of killed Aryan children is added to bread called Matza and is eaten by Jews in synagogues. Official history is false. We must save the earth. Soon they will put chips in human brains for total control.
All Europe spoke Russian before 16th century Jews were creating other languages like today they do in Ukraine. The first thing they did was prohibiting the Russian language.
Why? Because its roots have meanings linked to the god Ra. The god of Light.
Russia was Called Grand Tarhtaria or Tartarie where Tarh and Tara were some gods in the sun cult. Also let's have a look at the word history (istoriya in Russian)
is - tory - ia
is = from , tory = from Torah , ia = I
so "history" means "i am from Torah"
but Torah is Jews' bullshit
The Russian word was letopis'
leta meant years and pis' means writing
"writing of years" and the real year today is 7522 not 2014 after the mythical Jew's birth.
The real king Peter I (the 16-17th centuries) of Russes was kidnapped in Western Europe and another false guy returned. That false king removed the old calendar and changed it to the Christian. As you may see Slavs existed much longer before Jews which have today about 5500 years. So we must fight to stop the Dark Forces!
Read Russian forbidden books by N. Levashov.
By the way, Hitler and all top nazi were JEWs!
All presidents are cryptojews:
linuxhelp. 150m. com/jews/JewLeaders . htm
webng .com /linuxhelp/jews/images/small/index . html
webng. com/linuxhelp/jews/TheJewObama . htm

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with intelligence not violence

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feel free to comment all you want

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